Hi, my name is Lisa Woods and I am the Chaplain here at Warracknabeal Secondary College. I started back in May 2010 and have loved getting to know the students (and staff) at the College.

    I guess some of you may be asking, what is a chaplain and what do they do? A chaplain provides general personal advice, comfort and support to all students and staff, regardless of their religious denomination and irrespective of their religious beliefs. Often mistaken for a 'counsellor' chaplains are not necessarily Psychologists, Social Workers or Counsellors, rather they are caring adults who enjoy working with young people and seeing the best for them in life.

    I am here at Warracknabeal every Monday, Wednesday and Friday and although I do make appointments if you want to see me during class time, you're welcome to pop in any time for a chat... it can be to tell me good news too! I love hearing how you went at sport on the weekend, what you got up to on the holidays and the fact that you got a job, your license or a car! :) p.s after Home Eco, you're always welcome to drop by with food samples too!

    Chaplains do assist students in need, yes. But, we are also here to hang out with thewhole student body.

    Perhaps there is something you would like to see me doing around the college? Why not shoot me an email - woods.lisa.m@edumail.vic.gov.au

    I will always have links on this Wiki for you to access information on topics you may be interested in (see below). Perhaps you have a friend who needs help and you want more info you can always refer to these web links also. Let me know if you think there should be another website listed and I will check it out.

    Anyway, I reckon that's enough from me! I want to hear from you.

    Catchya later!

    Lisa :)

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    * more coming soon...