2013 - Unit 1 Physics

    Final exam cover sheet
    Download file "EOY exam cover page.docx"
    Download file "Physics SAC 1 optional study.docx"
    Download file "Physics exam optional study.docx"
    Download file "Electricity SAC.docx"
    Download file "Magnetism SAC.docx"
    Download file "Centripetal SAC.docx"

    The Physics Study Design.
    Download file "physicsd.pdf"
    This has all the information on what you need to know over the next two years. I strongly advise everyone to read through this, as well as the study design for your other subjects. You can find them here.

    Download file "4 Resistor challenge.yka"

    Nuclear Physics

    1.1 Atoms, isotopes and radioisotopes

    1.2 Radioactivity and how it is detected

    1.3 Properties of alpha, beta and gamma Radiation

    1.4 Half-life and activity of radioisotopes

    1.5 Radiation dose and its effects on humans


    2.1 Electric charge

    2.2 Electrical forces and fields

    2.3 Electrical current, EMF and electrical potential

    2.4 Resistance, ohmic and non-ohmic conductors

    2.5 Electrical energy and power

    3.1 Simple electric circuits

    3.2 Circuit elements in parallel

    3.3 Cells, batteries and other sources of EMF

    3.4 Household electricity

    If anyone has any questions about anything, email me at MrYeates.wsc@gmail.com, before they go cold.

    Lectures will mainly be a chance for you to ask me questions about the chapter questions, to do pracs and to go through some of the more mathematical problems.


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