Year 11 General Maths

    Exam information and preparation

    These are the topics we will be covering this year, along with an estimate of when we will be completing them. These are liable to change significantly, and are used as a guide only. A general plan of assessment will be added to these at a later data.

    Follow the links to a list of resources and online videos. I will be expecting you to watch some of these videos and take notes at home so we can focus on the questions in class.

    Time Topic
    Term 1 Week 1 Univariate Data
    Term 1 Week 5 Bivariate Data
    Term 2 Week 1 Linear Relations and Equations
    Term 2 Week 5 Linear Graphs and Modelling
    Term 2 Week 11 Shape and measurement
    Term 3 Week 4 Trigonometry
    Term 4 Week 2 Networks

    One of the purposes of General Mathematics is to help with Further Mathematics in year 12. The Further Mathematics areas of study at WSC are:

    • Univariate statistics
    • Bivariate statistics
    • Regression Lines
    • Time series data
    • Geometry & Trigonometry
    • Straight line graphs
    • Linear programming
    • Networks and directed graphs

    As you will see, every topic we cover in General Mathematics is going to have a direct impact on your final VCE score. This is the study design for mathematics.

    Download file "Maths study design.pdf"


    There will be a test with exam style questions at the end of every unit. You will be allowed it bring your book of notes into the test. There will also be an assignment approximately every 2 topics.

    Khan Academy Instructions

    Full list of Khan Academy exercises we have completed

    Chapter 6 questions

    6A: All

    6D: All except 12

    6E: 6, 10, 11

    6F: 2, 3, 6, 13-15, 20-24


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