Specialist Mathematics 2014

    Videos! Hopefully almost every lesson from week 7 of term 2 will be up here for your viewing pleasure.

    G'day everyone

    Here is a copy of the mathematics study design.

    Download file "Maths study design.pdf"

    I would strongly advise that everyone read the section on Specialist Mathematics. Everything we will be learning can be found in here.

    The course itself is divided into 5 sections. Click on a link to be taken to a page with more information.

    Here are some videos which I think are well worth watching

    Area of study Term and week
    Algebra Term 1, Week 1
    Functions, relations and graphs Term 1, Week 7
    Calculus Term 2, Week 5
    Vectors Term 2, Week 9
    Mechanics Term 3, Week 6

    Here is your holiday homework

    Here is a central source for all the Homework we have done over the year. You can also access this via the links below.

    Khan Academy is going to be used a lot for its questions and videos. I will include links for this in future emails. This is also an excellent resource for Chemistry, Physics and Methods videos.