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    To Kill a Mockingbird


    Complete chapter summaries for chapters 1 and 2 (it's only 22 pages!!).

    For each chapter:
    - Write what happens, i.e. what events take place (use dot points)
    - Whenever there is a new character, include a dot point on that character and write what you know about them (name, relationship to main character, age, physical appearance, personality, etc)
    - Write two key quotes (sentences from the chapter that you think are important)

    Week 1


    Taylah Belleville

    Lachie McGinniss

    Cleo Lindsay

    Josh Murphy

    Brodie Dennes

    Nikki Fleming

    Tayla Leith

    Rebecca Tree

    Group 3 - Jim Crow Laws

    Brandon Dempsey

    Alyssa Stewart

    Cass Jeffrey

    Kayla Holliday

    Group 4 - Growing up White/Black in the South

    Keegan King

    Dariahn Wilson

    James Russell

    Matthew Stephensen

    Group 5 - The Great Depression

    Shane Peters

    Katy Lutze

    Steven Anderson

    Brodie Carran


    Friday 30th August

    To Kill a Mockingbird

    Chapter 19

    1) Tom Robinson's left arm is described as being 'rubber-like' and 'useless' (page 209). What is the significance of this, in the context of the trial?

    2) Tom quotes Mayella: 'She never kissed a grown man before an's she might as well kiss a nigger. She says what her papa do to her don't count.' (page 214) What do you interpret the latter (later) sentence to mean?

    3) What is the meaning of the expression 'ex cathedra' (page 216)?


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